You C! 2+2 is not "hello world"

October 07, 2014 — Sameer

Printf function for example doesn't map =2+2 to 4,the way it maps

"Hello world" to hello world
int main();
printf('hello world");
return 0;

Try that w/o forgetting any ";" if you don't want errors ,that you don't

understand [1]& it ll give you a good old hello world.

Namely,you won't get 4 if you substitute "hello world" with "2+2","=2+2"

or c,where you declared int c; c= 2+2; or anything similar.

what if you abandon prinf() altogether & try return 2+2; instead.

it ll compile,but won't give you a thing ,let alone 4.
There are other approaches:
  • declare an array [2,2] or string 22 or likes, write a function that prints the sum of the elements
  • write a function that takes two argument and prints there sum
  • Use some lib ,you don't have a clue of
  • & so on.

But why d anyone of Lone Wolf McQuade-style will write one more function,

structure,instead of just tweaking the hello world?

So going back to that.

It won't fix till you realize that your argument for printf() was int type

not str type.Which won't be of much further use,if you don't realize,why

types matter in first place[2]

which brings you back to the question "How does C work anyway?"

Once you do,you ll write something like this,which ll work

[1] in function main expected ‘=’, ‘,’, ‘;’, ‘asm’ or
‘__attribute__’ before or expected ‘const char * __restrict__’ but

argument is of type ‘int’

[2] This answer

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October 06, 2014 — Sameer

You ll find a tonn of tutorials on Graph Theory & more on MAKEFILE, but very few ll tell you that input to make file is a DAG of files


Testing TeX 2

October 06, 2014 — Sameer

update [(−b ±√{b2 − 4ac})/2a]

used tth but no lib.


−b�√ ____b2 −4ac_________ 2a

Used httex,but no lib.

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First principlesof organizing "self"

October 06, 2014 — Sameer

Thought behind this blog.Rest later.

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